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The occurrence of occupational diseases has a great relationship with the working environment of the workers. It not only directly harms the physical and mental health of the workers themselves, but also affects the happiness and well-being of the family. Zhejiang Fangyuan Polypropylene Fiber Co., Ltd. insists on people-oriented and persists in development without sacrificing laborers. At the expense of health, we further protect employees' physical and mental health and create a good working environment for employees. In April this year, the company's office director Shen Weijie led the executives to Hangzhou Hangkang Health Inspection Technology Co., Ltd., and the company's 20,000 tons of differentiated DTY zero. The evaluation of the effect of occupational disease hazard control in the land technological transformation project was carried out by an expert. During the trial, the experts in the meeting expressed their appreciation and affirmation for the work of a series of occupational disease prevention carried out by the company. They also introduced the experience and suggestions in the work of occupational disease prevention from a professional perspective, and expressed their expectation that the project's occupational disease prevention facilities should be reviewed and accepted.

On July 12, Zheng Buyun from Jiaxing Health Supervision Institute, Wang Minglong from Jiaxing Anlian Testing Technology Co., Ltd., and Shen Bingmei from Tongxiang City Health Supervision Institute and other experts at the provincial and municipal level came to Zhejiang Fangyuan to gather. Fiber Co., Ltd., the company's annual output of 20,000 tons of differentiated DTY zero land technical transformation project occupational disease prevention facilities completed the acceptance review, the company's acceptance team leader deputy general manager Zhang Guolin, deputy head of the office director Shen Weijie host reception and meeting, the company The acceptance team introduced the basic situation of the company and the work record of the occupational disease prevention and control work to the expert review and acceptance team, and led the expert group to the workshop to conduct on-site inspections of the workers' work and occupational disease prevention and control. During the inspection process, the expert group expressed the high level of the company's production equipment layout, occupational disease protection facilities, personal protective equipment for employees, health monitoring of employees, health knowledge training, occupational health management system and network, occupational disease hazard factors detection. Praise, especially pointed out that the company has medical examinations for new employees, improved equipment and equipment, improved maintenance and standardization of protective equipment, customized corresponding work systems, improved skills for employees to prevent and control occupational hazards, standardized the use of personal protective equipment for employees, and reduced bad work. Behaviors and other work have made remarkable achievements in the prevention and treatment of occupational disease prevention and control work, especially focusing on arranging workshop management personnel to carry out occupational disease prevention and treatment education, improving employees' awareness of occupational health knowledge and general health knowledge, and solving details such as bad posture problems in employees' work. problem.

Through the meeting of experts and safety supervision departments, the construction project "Occupational Hazard Control Effect Evaluation Report", as well as on-site visit verification, check the archives data, check the company's project occupational disease work one by one, score by item, strictly according to the standard evaluation, expert review The acceptance team believes that in the construction of occupational disease prevention facilities and health management, the company has achieved leadership attention, sound system, standardized management, facilities in place, and strong execution, reflecting the company's emphasis on employees' health and a high degree of social responsibility. Through report review and on-site acceptance, and give high evaluation.

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