The leaders of the Technician College visited Zhejiang Fangyuan Polypropylene Fiber Co., Ltd. to investigate and study t

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Further promote the deep integration of school-enterprise and promote higher quality development. On March 29, 2018, the leaders of Tongxiang City Technician College came to our company to investigate and study the cooperation between schools and enterprises. Shen Weijie, director of the company's office, and Zhang Qiyuan, director of the equipment department, received and discussed in depth. School-enterprise cooperation experience.

The leaders of technician colleges are aimed at the current situation. Most of the general vocational education models are based on theory, light practice or even no practice. It is difficult for the cultivated talents to adapt to the rapid development of the current society. At the same time of vocational education, students also carry out quality education for students, and take students as the center and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. The school-enterprise cooperation model, as a new road explored in vocational education, was thanked for its support.

Shen Weijie, director of the company's office, introduced the cooperation between Fangyuan Polypropylene and Tongxiang Technician College, and the achievements and achievements of the students in the company. He also said that the use of school-enterprise cooperation has enabled the sharing of information and resources between enterprises and schools. Schools use enterprises to provide equipment. Enterprises do not have to worry about venue issues for cultivating talents, and realize the integration of students’ learning and business practices in schools. The company's equipment and technology achieve complementary advantages, saving education and enterprise costs, and is a "win-win" model. At the same time, with reference to the spirit of the Ministry of Education on the comprehensive improvement of the quality of vocational education, and other documents, I hope to make full use of the quality of vocational education resources in the college, strengthen cooperation between enterprises and schools, and cultivate more high Quality and skill-oriented talents will promote the sustainable development of both sides of the school, focusing on the goal of “fine training, high-level positioning”, strengthening complementary advantages and achieving mutual benefit. This is also a powerful attempt by Fangyuan Polypropylene for talent orientation training.

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