Tongxiang Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce Council Meeting was successfully held in Zhejiang Fangyuan Polymer Fiber Co., Ltd

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On the afternoon of August 22, the Tongxiang Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce Council meeting was held in the conference room of Zhejiang Fangyuan Polypropylene Fiber Co., Ltd., Huang Jian, the head of the Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Zhang Xuegen, director of the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Center, Qian Hongxia, and the party committee of Fengming Street. Secretary Shen Xiaoyan, Party Committee Member, Deputy Director Fan Dingfei, President of Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce Shen Jianshan, Vice President, Secretary General Li Minfeng, Vice President Wang Jinlong and representatives of Hangzhou Chamber of Commerce member companies attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the first section of the State Administration of Taxation, Mr. Huang, introduced the representatives of the member companies in order to manage the enterprises, enhance the awareness of tax laws, prevent and avoid financial risks, reduce the economic losses of enterprises, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. And explained the "Measures for the Administration of Enterprise Income Tax Pre-Deduction Certificates", preaching the latest tax policies and regulations of the state, further enhancing the awareness of member companies' tax-relevant laws, tax-following laws, and tax-abiding laws, and building a new bridge for collecting and interacting, as a member company. A good tax legal education was carried out. At the same time, through this meeting, we learned the practical difficulties in the process of taxation for member companies, collected the problems and suggestions in the current tax collection and taxation services, and solved the tax incentives, tax credit evaluation, etc. for member companies. Tax-related matters that are closely related to the company.

Then, Director Zhang and Mr. Qian of the Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Center conducted an interactive exchange on the unfamiliarity of the member companies in matters such as approval and licensing, and introduced the development and effectiveness of the “maximum run” reform work for the member companies. The government's own self-revolution, through the "one window acceptance, integration services, one-time completion" service model innovation, allows enterprises to get real benefits and convenience, saving a lot of manpower and material resources of the enterprise, representatives of member companies said that they will Proactively contact the trial center and relevant government departments to report and report the relevant information, so that the "maximum run once" reform will achieve better results.

After that, the vice president and secretary general of the Chamber of Commerce, Li Minfeng, introduced in detail the introduction of the scientific and technological innovation work by the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce, and according to the fact that most of the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce are real economy enterprises, they indicated that the scientific and technological innovation and development work has strengthened and transformed the enterprise. The importance of the Chamber of Commerce Secretariat encourages member companies to prepare for work in accordance with the recommendations and preliminary contacts of relevant departments, actively strive for high-tech enterprises, promote innovation and development of enterprises, and contribute to social and economic development. At the same time, plan for the members to go out to visit and inspect. Wang Jinlong, vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, took the development of Zhejiang Fangyuan Polypropylene Fiber Co., Ltd. as an example to introduce the development history and situation of the company to the member companies. From the preparation work, the prototype, the start, the initial stage, the development period to the future planning, the annual output value is 2 100 million yuan has been increased to 1.5 billion yuan, from the transformation of polyester industry to the nylon industry chain, from processing and production to technological innovation, from low to high to high value-added, from homogenization competition to achieving differentiated competition, and future The IPO road has shared enterprise management and development experience for member companies.

At the end of the meeting, the Chamber of Commerce introduced eight new member companies. The atmosphere of this meeting was very good. The member companies made exchanges and speeches. In the era of new economy and new model, we used the exchange platform of the Chamber of Commerce, played the role of the team, and achieved win-win cooperation. I have put forward my own opinions, and everyone feels that this kind of activity is very good.

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