Shaoxing Qixian Textile Machinery Enterprise: From "Running" to "Leading"

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In late April, the cadres of Qixian Town, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province came to Shaoxing Qunfang Machinery Co., Ltd. to the general manager Shi Yingcan Announcement: The warping machine produced by the factory has undergone technical research since last year, and the speed has increased by 20%. In 500 minutes, it was increased to 600 rpm, surpassing foreign similar products. The company has also won the Zhejiang Quality Overtake Quality Award and became the only company in Shaoxing to receive this award.

The warping machine is the front process of the weaving machine, and the market demand is not large. Only 40 warping machines need only one warping machine. However, the "group" has been doing this product for 30 years, not seeking big, only seeking precision, and survived with technological advantages. Now, the provincial R&D center is also located in this company, and the warper products are in short supply.

In Qixian Town, “Group” is just a small and medium-sized enterprise with an annual sales income of 70 million yuan, ranking only fifth among leading enterprises. But SMEs have the same big skills and rely on technological innovation to win orders. The top companies such as Yuejian Machinery and Textile Machinery Group have also entered the top 20 of China's textile machinery industry, and their innovation ability ranks among the top ten in the national textile industry.

    The crisis is coming "big waves and sands"

Shaoxing Textile Machinery Group Co., Ltd. is a national key high-tech enterprise. Xie Ruyan, chairman and general manager, said in an interview that since the second half of last year, the domestic textile machinery market situation is not optimistic, even worse than the 2008 financial crisis. However, in such a depressed market environment, the two main products of the textile machinery group - the double-twisting machine and the rapier looms, with the "Foot Peak", a well-known Chinese trademark, the orders are not affected, the workers still have to Work overtime to make products.

Xie Ruyan believes that in this crisis, the effect of big brands came out. Every time the industry is at a low point, low-end products are often the first to be hit. As a downstream textile industry, in order to meet the high requirements of customers for fabric quality, we chose to purchase a higher quality brand textile machine.

Zhejiang Yuejian Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is also a national high-tech enterprise. With its main product, the texturing machine, the unique textile machinery market. Last year, the annual sales of Yuejian Textile Machinery was 1.7 billion yuan. Among them, the texturing machine reached 90% of the domestic market and became a veritable “single champion”.

    Dislocation competition "has a meal"

Qi Xian has a number of leading enterprises, each leading company has its own unique fist products. Such as the Jianjian Machinery's texturing machine, the spinning machine group's rapier loom, the high-speed electronic faucet of Yangshan Textile Machinery, the jacquard machine of Qixian Textile Machinery, and the warping machine of Qunfang Machinery.

Zhao Weigang, deputy mayor of Qixian Town, told reporters that the dislocation development has enabled Qi Xian textile machinery industry to avoid vicious competition and become bigger and stronger.

After 30 years of ups and downs, Qixian Textile Machinery Industry has also rushed to the top. You can do the same kind of products for me to do. The result is low-price competition and disorderly competition, which makes everyone's life difficult. With painstaking thoughts, entrepreneurs finally form a consensus and use their respective technological advantages to develop in dislocation.

At present, Qixian Town has more than 400 textile machinery manufacturing enterprises, including more than 100 varieties of looms, texturing machines, flat knitting machines, large circular machines, jacquard machines, warping machines, warp knitting machines and electronic faucets, with an annual output. A total of 50,000 sets of textile machinery and equipment, with an annual sales income of more than 7 billion yuan, has become one of China's three major textile machinery clusters, and was named "China's textile machinery manufacturing town" by the China Textile Industry Association.

Zhao Weigang said that Qi Xian Textile Machinery used to be "following others" and now "leading others to run." The block economy of Qixian Textile Machinery accounted for one-third of the total economic output of the town. Last year, the total industrial output value reached 7.33 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%; the profit reached 710 million yuan, an increase of 8.7%. During the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, the blueprint for Qixian Textile Machinery Industry was completed with a total industrial output value of 12 billion yuan, becoming the largest textile machinery industry cluster in the country and the world.

    Development to avoid "slamming up"

The blessings of the blessings are the sorrows of the blessings. Although the current situation of the domestic textile machinery market is not improving, it is an opportunity for Qixian Textile Machinery. The key is that Qi Xian Textile Machinery can seize the opportunity before the next market hot spot appears. "Having a choice, looking at business opportunities, avoiding blindness" has become a magic weapon for the development of Qixian textile machinery industry.

A few years ago, embroidery machines and circular machines were sold in Shaoxing County. The most insane time, Shaoxing County had a village branch secretary resigned and bought 7 round machines in one breath. Can Qixian textile machinery companies have not caught up. Xie Ruyan told reporters that when the round machine was hot, he also had an impulse, but he quickly calmed down. In the field of circular machines, Qixian Textile Machinery cannot compete with mature manufacturers in Fujian. Moreover, when the market is hot, it is already half a beat slower than others. Even if the products are barely made, they will not be much after they are put on the market.

Sun Zhixiang, who started the hardware processing factory in 1976 to produce textile machinery, is the leader of Qixian Textile Machinery. He said that at the time of the 2008 financial crisis, "Yuejian" did not forget technological innovation, capturing the next market hotspot and increasing the research and development of new products, such as high-speed warp knitting machines and texturing machines. When the domestic economy stabilized and rebounded, and the textile machinery industry recovered, it really ushered in a sales climax.

The relevant person in charge of Qixian Town believes that the development goal of the textile machinery industry in the future is “strong and precise”, catering to the diversification and refinement of textile demand, and the development towards automation and intelligence is an inevitable trend of Qixian Textile Machinery. (Shaoxing Evening News)

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