The first batch of China Textile Science and Technology Institute implemented the “Leading Project of Intellectual Prope

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On April 24, Beijing Municipal Intellectual Property Office, Beijing Municipal Government External Liaison Office, Beijing Economic and Information Technology Commission, Beijing State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Zhongguancun Science Park Management Committee held the launching ceremony of “Leading Engineering for Intellectual Property in Beijing Central Enterprises” in Beijing. Zhao Qiang, president of the China Textile Science Research Institute, attended the ceremony.

At the ceremony, China Textile Research Institute and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, PetroChina, Sinopec, State Grid, Shenhua Group, China Netcom, China Mobile and other 20 units were approved as “the first batch of IPR leading project implementation units in Beijing Central Enterprises”.

It is reported that the leading project of intellectual property rights is the Beijing Municipal Government to better serve the central units in Beijing, to guide and promote the establishment of the intellectual property strategy in the central enterprises in Beijing, and to strive for excellence in the development of intellectual property strategies. A deep docking service platform for intellectual property created by the “leaders” of creation, management and application.

Wang Xin, director of the Science and Technology Management Department of the China Textile Science Research Institute, received the “Leading Engineering Implementation Unit” plaque on behalf of the China Textile Science Research Institute. This is one of the important honors that the China Textile Science Research Institute has won in the field of intellectual property rights after the first batch of patent demonstration units in Beijing and the fourth batch of patent pilot enterprises in the country. It fully demonstrates the significant work of intellectual property in the China Textile Science Research Institute. Achievements are also the promotion and encouragement of the intellectual property work of the China Textile Science Research Institute.

The China Textile Science Research Institute will take advantage of this opportunity to enter the leading projects of intellectual property rights of central enterprises, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other central enterprises, learn from advanced experience, and further enhance the patent management level of the China Textile Science Research Institute.

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